Issues I face with my Xbox and Kinect

Xbox One S issues Kinect

I’m still sore, gone to bed sore, woke-up sore, and it’s all the Kinect for the Xbox 360’s fault. The games are too fun, especially online, and striking at an imaginary volleyball has thrown my arm so out of place I can’t even touch my back.
My triceps are destroyed, my thighs are still mildly stinging from the workout that is Kinect Adventures and all I needed to avoid all this pain was a Kinect warm-up game, preferably hosted by Bob from The Biggest Loser.

I’m not the only one either, numerous other Kinect owners have suffered this same muscle atrophy torture as they eagerly await the next time they can walk properly again, and all because controlling a game with your body is the best thing since the laser gun that came with the original Nintendo system.

I think Kinect needs a warm-up game for anyone over the age of 23, something that gently prepares you for the online battles you will surely face if play Kinect Sports online. I knew I should have stopped after the fourth consecutive boxing fight, but beating down would-be contenders while mocking them with my dancing avatar was too irresistible. Once again Kinect’s fault for reinventing and reinvigorating how games are played, especially on the Xbox 360 which has grown a bit grey in the tooth.

I love Xbox 360 but the other day I was checking out Fallout New Vegas and Battlefield Vietnam on the PC and I was blown away by the dramatic difference in quality from their Xbox 360 counterparts. Xbox 360 was created in 2005, we are playing with 6 years old technology, and we probably have cell phones more powerful than Xbox 360 now-a-days.

Xbox 360 also struggles to load newer titles; I’ve spent more time waiting to play EA Sports MMA than I actually spent in the ring fighting someone. We need a new Xbox that could read multi-format media and handle massive multiplayer online video games like the real Civilization game or World of Warcraft.

I want a new Xbox system that can combine online entertainment and web browsing, and most importantly a gaming console that can handle playing custom CDs, I know groundbreaking.

I don’t know who dropped the ball over at Microsoft but they should be made to play Kinect Sports online without a warm-up session for days at a time until their sore, dysfunctional limbs punch them in the mouth and force them to work on a next-generation console capable of blowing our minds away once again.